Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Last week in London

Last Friday 1st of May, I had my last day in the office for 2009. My last week and first free week I ever had in this city... organising a leaving gathering, moving out, selling stuff, contract transfers, connecting to people along the way, getting necessary jabs, researching best deals for insurances etc, ....ouuuaaah

\\\ moving out - so much stuff...
Yesterday I moved out, passed on my flat keys and currently sort out last things - what can go to a charity? could be sold on ebay? would be something my friends would love to inherit? will be good to have next year? and how could I possibly half the amount I own???
I had the tiniest room ever and its still amazing how much stuff one can accumulate over the last 3 years that I have lived here. I am up for some "consumption fasting"! What would it be like to not purchase anything for the next 9 months other than what is needed for living?

\\ UK and london really grew on me...
What other big city in the world has so many wonderful things all at ONE place. Great people, music, art, culture and even Nature. A lot of good energy for creative collaboration, social innovation and community building. In the past few months only, I discovered so many new angles of london, culturally rich ones as "Stoky" - Stoke Newington, creative ones - anyone been to the warehouses along the canals of Hackney Wick? wonderful old ones - seeing Highgate only for the first time today, an old village from the 15th century, named like that because it used to be London's northern gate in the mediaevel times. I am particularly fond of the parks, Hampstead heath, the most stunning park - more like a forest - that I have ever been to, Hyde Park, Regents Park and my local wonderful Battersea Park.

\ saying good bye...
My leaving picnic last Sunday in Battersea park was a sunny playful afternoon...thanks everyone for coming. I had the most wonderful time!

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  1. Good Luck Moko! Happy to see you farewell in London was full of afternoon sunshine. Stay safe and have myriad adventures!