Thursday, 14 May 2009

Embercombe - Forest times

Last weekend was full moon and I decided to go to Embercombe in Devon and calm down a little in Nature before departing. A wonderful place which aims at inspiring action for a truly sustainable world. It was a friends and volunteers weekend and I volunteered to work in the forest all the weekend, collecting the smaller branches to create natural habitats for smaller animals, sawing branches for firewood and creating piles to make charcoal. While working under the trees and the sun, I got all kinds of child hood memories when we played in the forest as kids, constructing damms in rivers and looking for brambles.

I forgot how great is was to spend all day in the forest.

On the way to Embercombe we passed Stonehenge - finally got to see it. I read somewhere that Stonehenge is among the top overrated tourist sights in the world.

We only looked at it from far, but I can definitly say it was very special and definitly worthwhile seeing Stonehenge!

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