Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Synchronise went life!

While I was spending some days in Paris I also finally got to finish my website synchronise, which promotes some of my work and the work of others, mainly coaching, learning design and facilitation. The further development of this platform and approach to mind-body work will be strongly influenced by the learning journey I am on and studies on Embodied Learning along the way. Regardless of its future developments, the timings seems to be just great to offer support to others as a “travel-coach” and do some of the work virtually while still enjoying my journey.
Speaking to friends, young professionals and other Londoners it seems with the current times of uncertainty and changes in our economical, ecological and even social landscape, more and more people are asking themselves who they are and what their life and work is about. Some even took of time, same as I to explore these questions while travelling and our paths might cross somewhere. Looking forward to supporting others on their journey wherever they are.

If you have any friends in your circles who are on a similar journey and might be interested in further support from a travel-cooach like me, please forward a hint orthe link to my website.

Many thanks!

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