Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Storytelling as a vehicle for transformation

I went to a story telling weekend in Embercombe, hearing and telling stories in Nature and around the fire place. Mac the founder of Embercombe is a true master at storytelling and I learned a lot of ancient beautiful English myths.

Telling stories, personal but also stories of others can be a very compelling way to express where what you care about, where you come from, paint a picture of what you envision could be created to engage people, open their hearts and minds

Stories – as a seed for transformation - e.g. encouraging people to move from a consumer society to a citizens sustaining life society. Changing the stories by which we define ourselves (e.g. around scarcity and security) can change the human nature. Asking oneself what story am I part of? What story is unfolding or better do I want to see unfolding? Am I telling the story of tragedy or comedy? The outcome will be different depending on whether my energy and storytelling goes into the one or the other.

Positive empowering stories will also impact your energy and being. Storytelling in the end is so much about being in the moment, present and connected to really express your authentic self. In the end the content matters less than the very special place where the story comes from.

“Who you are speak so loudly that I cannot hear a word you say”

Some story telling tips:
- An exquisite example of a bigger picture is more powerful than the full story (being concise)
- Always speak from your heart and authentic self – it’s not a performance
- You determine the pace and rhythm of your story
- Know what message you have for your audience
- The more personal the more universal

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